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Meet Our Team

Kevin Brosius

Lead Pastor

Kevin has been the Lead Pastor at One Church since February 2023. He is very passionate about seeing the church reach its potential by advancing the Kingdom through missional living. Kevin grew up in Kansas City and has served in various ministry roles. He has an earned doctorate with emphasis in church missiology and is a Chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve. Kevin and his wife, Lori live in Elk City with their three children, Kara, Ian and Jiana. Kevin enjoys restoring classic cars, mentoring others and spending time in the great outdoors with his family.

Cody Long

Worship Pastor

Cody has been a pastor and worship leader since 2001.  He spent over 2 years as a Music Education major prior to earning a BA in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University in 2006. In November 2019 he began serving as the Worship Pastor at One Church. Cody is passionate about using his musical gifts and technical abilities to glorify God and lead others in corporate worship. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Summer at their home in Canute.

Hunter Hays

Youth Pastor

Hunter graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2016, at which time he began serving as a Youth Pastor and Music Leader. In 2021 he joined the staff at One Church as the full-time Youth Pastor. Hunter also enjoys sports, and in his free time he enjoys building into young peoples’ lives as a football and softball coach.

Lindy McCain

Administrative Assistant

Lindy has been Administrative Assistant at One Church since February 1, 2022. She states that being able to help people know Jesus everyday is an amazing blessing! She lives in Elk City with her husband, Rick. They are blessed with awesome kids and grandkids!


Kevin Brosius
Cody Long
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