What to Expect

Don't expect churchy, because we don't think it's a sin to have fun in church! Think of a good time with friends at a coffee house with great praise music and a message that will mean something to you Monday. Wear your favorite shirt and a pair of jeans and you won't feel underdressed.

If you have kids, like many of us. Our goal for them is to have fun, be safe, and learn something special about God in our ONEderful kids program.

You should also expect some space to decide for yourself. We realize that many people have given up on institutional religion, but maybe not on God. So there's no pressure. On any given Sunday, you can find people at ONE CHURCH at a very different place on their journey with Jesus Christ. Some of us are unconvinced, some are still exploring, some of us have just recently decided to follow Jesus in our lives, and others have been enjoying a relationship with Him for many years. In other words, no matter where you are, you are welcome to journey with us.

Yes, we really are a church that meets in an old bank, but we believe that it doesn't matter where you meet for church because the church is not a building, it's those who follow Jesus.

We are located at 200 E. Broadway. Elk City. 

Sunday Schedule 

10:00am Service

9:30am Fellowship Cafe - (Free Coffee & Donuts) 

Wednesday Schedule 

Onederful Kids (Pre-k - 6th Grades)

Vault Students (7th - 12th Grades)

Community Groups (Adult Bible Studies)

All Start @ 6:30pm