SERVICES: Sundays at 10AM | OFFICE: Mon-Thurs, 9AM-3PM

About Us

Our MISSION is to know Jesus Christ and make him known,
in our community and beyond.

Our STRATEGY is threefold:

1.   Gather in corporate worship of our Lord and fellowship with one another

2.   Grow in our knowledge of God and His Word (the Bible)

3.   Go into our spheres of influence, our community, and the world to spread the Good News of Jesus

Why another church?


What could be more meaningful than discovering that God has made us for more than the mundane? What could be more meaningful than discovering that God has made us to live with purpose, adventure and significance? What could be more meaningful than a community of people committed to helping the struggling and discouraged to regain their dignity and direction? What could be more relevant than helping people and families grow closer together in a time when life's pressures seem bent on driving them apart? Somewhere along the way, religion has succeeded in convincing most people that the life revolutionizing teachings of Jesus Christ are irrelevant and boring. We at ONE CHURCH are committed to being "set apart" because we are just like you, learning to live and we have found following Jesus Christ to be anything but irrelevant and boring!

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