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L1FE Groups

Doing life together

Why L1FE GROUPS (small groups)?

Many churches focus on preaching and Bible classes as the primary means for Christian growth and view ministry as something to be conducted primarily by professional clergy. The Bible lays out a more relational approach to growth. The early church gathered in large group settings to hear the Scriptures read but then gathered in smaller environments where biblical principles could be lived out (Acts 2:42, 46). We believe all Christians have a part in ministering to others through teaching, mentoring and caring for one another and small groups provide the best environment for this to occur. As the church grows bigger, it must also grow smaller. Small groups, or LIFE Groups (as we call them), are essential to building community and fostering spiritual growth within the church. LIFE Groups are safe place to share support each other and do life together.
Our LIFE Groups offer opportunities to:

Ask questions
Belong in community
Understand God's Word
Share burdens and challenges
Pray for one another
Serve one another

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We offer a wide range of unique groups to meet your season of life. Feel free to join more than one group.

Because we deeply believe in the value of LIFE groups,
One Church is committed to assisting with childcare during group sessions.

Nursery, kids and youth programs are provided for groups that meet on Wednesday nights  from 6:30 to 7:45pm.  For groups that meet on other days, the church will provide a monthly stipend to offset childcare. Please talk to a small group leader or the church office to learn more about this opportunity.

Open sign-ups for LIFE Groups will begin August 1, 2023